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Please make sure your posts are private, so you don't have a bajillion random people following you.
002. Be canon. Feel free to have as much fun as you want, because that's what WE want, but please stay true to the character.
003. Since this is twitter, we're expecting everyone to be active. Because come on -- it's not hard to check. And the more active you are, the more fun it will be.
004. The "plot" (if you can call it that) will be post "Chosen" of Buffy and post "Not Fade Away" of Angel. But, because we want to be able to include all the cast of Angel (IE: Fred and Wesley), we are saying they never died. Have a character that you want to bring in but is long dead? Apply anyway! We all know that the Buffyverse is keen on resurrections.
005. Most of the characters will be in Cleveland, Ohio and they all know of each other being there. If you want your character elsewhere, just post it up in the community.
006. When posting anything to the community such as ideas, sub plots, etc, etc, make sure your post is MEMBERS ONLY.
007. For now, we are limiting the number of characters to two per person. This is so that a lot of people can get the chance to join.
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